Copy views and Detail Items from Linked Model

Hi all,
Im having some issues with this graph i am building right now.
The object is to:

  1. Read a linked model
  2. Find a list of views (floor plans)
  3. Filter out a specific view name
  4. Copy that view and view name to the host file
  5. Select detail and annotation items from that view
  6. Copy those detail / annotation items to the newly created views int he host file.

I have steps 1 - 4 done and works well.
Steps 5 - 6 are causing me some headaches.
I can get the view and view names but when i try to select the items from those views, i get a null return (as shown in the image)
Any ideas why this might be happening?

I believe that you will need an all elements in view method which has an additional input for the document.

You can likely confirm by opening the custom node, copying the relevant bits from it with a ctrl + c, then pasting it into your graph and wiring it in accordingly.

@Andrew_Harp, I asked a very similar question in the following post, unfortunately at that time I was told floor plan views could not be copied from linked models with ease :
Copy sheets and floor plan views that exist in a linked model

Are you willing to share the dyn file or a more detailed screenshot of the graph by any chance, so I can see how you accomplished this? Thanks in advance!

i think what he meant by “copying view and view name to host file” is basically just retrieve the information of the floorplan from link file and dump it into the host file floorplan.
You can achieve that by:

  1. get the level attributes in link file and duplicate it in your host file
  2. Create parent view and rename it accordingly to the link file parent view name
  3. Retrieve the link file scope boxes/boundary box as bounding box
  4. Use that bounding box to set your parent view’s crop region and also duplicating of dependent view.

@JacobSmall has already answered it :slight_smile:

Sure. Here you go.
it is the bottom part of teh script that should work for you.


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HI Jacob,
Im not too sure i understand what you mean here. I have attached an image of what i think you are saying, is this correct?
I edited the All Elements In View(s) node and copied the 3 nodes (sitting above that node in the picture). Is this what you mean?
So then i link this with the Select .GetDocuments “Link Doc” node?

Pretty much, but with the intent of understanding what the results of the Python node are, not necessarily just passing on the data.

Can you preview the results of the Python node?