Copy Space Parameter

Hello Community!

Hoping someone can help me understand what i’m doing wrong here. My intent is to copy values from one Space Name/Number parameter into custom Asset Room Name/Number parameter. I’m not getting an error when I run the script, but i’m not seeing any values coped across.
Thanks for the help as always!

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@Navid_Hoorzad ,

you want combine these twos and store (?)

do it like this…
number and name.dyn (13.5 KB)


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You’ll need to pin the node preview bubbles otherwise we have no idea what’s actually going on. I’m guessing one or more of those parameters does not exist.


Thanks Nick, I will remember this moving forward. Here is the updated image.

most likely the parameter you are trying to use have an extra space or Small letter instead of captilized some where dubble check the spelling if its not exact (captalized,small letters an sapces) it will not write anything.

quick question you get every value from spaces already why do you want double information?

If you look at the lunchbox node it adds an extra list level. When writing those values back to your elements the automatic list handling takes over and applies each value to the first element. You can see in your final list of elements that it’s actually one element repeated.

Just use the ootb parameter node in both cases and you’ll be fine.