Copy few Parameters from Spaces to other Spaces in one go

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with Spaces. Let me explain:

Let’s say that I have 6 spaces in my Revit Project.


I have filled up three parameters for the spaces 1,2 and 3:

Now I would like to copy those parameters (only those) to the others spaces like:
Parameters in the space 1 => copy to Parameters in 1_
Parameters in the space 2 => copy to Parameters in 2_
Parameters in the space 3 => copy to Parameters in 3_

How can I do this in one go with Dynamo?
Thanks guys! =)

Hi Daniele,

Are you looking to copy parameter values from spaces 1,2,3 to 1_,2_,3_ ?

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@Daniele_Teodori Is this what your trying to do?

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Hi Kulkul,

Yes this is what I would like to do.
If I copy all the parameters values from spaces 1,2,3 to 1_,2_,3_ I will also change the levels and offsets of spaces 1_ 2_ and 3_ . I don’t want to do that.

Thanks Kulkul =)

Hi Guys…
i still have problems:

I would like to copy the parameter value “Name” from the Category HVAC_Zones to the Category MEPSpaces that have the same Number references (Zone Number for HVAC_Zones and Number for MEPSpeces).

So when the Zone Number of a HVAC zone is = to the Number of a MEPSpaces then the Name value of HVAC_Zones has to be copied to MEPSpaces.

How can I do that?
Cheers guys. (and thanks again Kulkul)!!!

Hi Daniele,

This should work for you.

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