Problem with Element.SetParameterByName with same parameter type

Hi guys,

I’m trying to copy a shared parameter value from a Space to a family.

For the Space the parameter is called LU DCW.

For the family the parameter is called DCWS LU

So as you can see, those parameters have the same Type of parameter (Fixture Units). So from my understanding if I copy the value from LU DCW to DCWS LO I shouldn’t have problems…

But please have a look here:

Am I missing something? Why I can’t change value parameters (if the parameters are both the same type: fixture units)?
I have also attached the family and the dynamo script.
How it should works that dynamo script:
If the family is inside a Space then the parameter value “LU DCW” has to be copied to the parameter “DCWS LU”. But it doesn’t work…

Do you know any work around?
Thanks for your help!!! :slight_smile:

@Daniele_Teodori Introduce a Flatten node after List.Map before connecting to Element.SetParameterByName

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It workkkkkkkssss!!!
Thanks Vikram!!!

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