Add space parameters from excel


I have created (or to be honest modified a graph, i have downloaded from this forum) to add some parameters to revit spaces from an excel file.
My question is, how do I make the graph to match space name on excel to revit before adding the parameters, as currently it seems to be adding parameters to wrong spaces in some place, and correctly in other areas.

Add Space parameters.dyn (57.0 KB)

Yes you need to link the 2 your excel with revit parameter. You as you have mention, you need to match the space name from excel and match with which revit parameter?

I have added few nodes to try and filter the space names, matching then names on excel. it seems to be working a bit better, but still not 100%!

Hello @Hoss …i would try to match by space number instead of names as they isnt unique

So, the way I have filtered is correct!!??
I just noticed that architect has changed some of the room names, so I guess this is why it is not working 100%
@sovitek Thanks for your help, but I can’t use room numbers as Architect seem to have used same room number to similar rooms, all the circulation areas has same room numbers, all the offices, all the WCs etc

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alright thats strange it shouldnt be possible to have duplicate room numbers…

If I wanted to filter the spaces by levels first and names after, how do I do that please? Thanks

Do you mean in dynamo?
Like this?

not sure what I am doing wrong here.
When I hit run, dynamo assign parameters from excel in the order they have been saved
As you can see spaces are not in same order and only two get correct values?
How do I correct this? Thanks

Hello @Hoss …here is a way for sorting, but the issue here is you have duplicated names, so its best to use number as it should be unique

Thanks for your help / reply
To explain the situation, we receive IFC models from Architect who uses ArchiCAD to produce their model.
Then we convert IFC to revit and link it to our MEP model.
Somewhere during the conversions (either from ArchiCAD to IFC, or IFC to Revit) things get messed up and when I use the space naming utility, I always get warning that multiple rooms / spaces have same numbers, so this is why I don’t use numbers.
Every time we receive a new IFC model, and convert to Revit and link to our MEP model, all our spaces disappear. They are still in the model, as they show up in space schedule, but can’t see them in our views, any ways this is another issue.
So What i am trying to achieve is export all the parameter values from MEP model to excel. Once we have new IFC model, delete all the mep spaces, create new spaces and use dynamo to re-populate the parameters from excel.
If few get missed, we can do them manually.

Thanks again for your help and support