Change beam length


I’m having trouble adjusting the beam length of a structural framing family.
Seems like the Length parameter is read-only and lengthening the stick/curveline works…but it doesn’t change the length of my (concrete) beam. The curveline just comes out of the beam.

I’ve read some (old) posts here but didn’t find a useable answer.

Have you tried one of the setlocation nodes and feed it a line?

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No I haven’t tried that. I’ll be doing that soon.
I did try to lenghten the curve without the proper result. The beam I need to lengthen has rebar in it.
Because the lenghth parameter is read only in a structural framing parameter I’ve tried it with a generic beam with rebar. That works fine… But it looks like copying rebar from a generic model to structural framing beam isn’t possible with the solution you provided before.

Could Setting the Length parameter be done with API ?

Length is a read only parameter in the API too. One reason it may be read only is which way would it extend/shorten? Einer’s solution should work fine. Use clockwork package Element.Location, extend/shorten the curve by “n” amount, plug this curve into the setlocation node

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