Copy multiple parameter values to another parameter field


I got a model from mechanical designer in IFC format. I opened it in revit and now i have over 2300 model-in-place extrudes with some IFC Parameters in each. Those parameters are not shared param

s so i can´t use them in tags. How can i manage those parameter values copied or transferred to another new shared parameter field?

Hi Kivi,

It will be better if you can put your IFC file here. However you can use “Element.GetParameterValueByName” node and then after getting those values you can then drop the values using “Element.SetParameterValueByName”.

Thanks for reply.

Now i did get two field to work but four of them does not. What is wrong with couple of those fields.

It seems that some of the values not assigned to parameters. Make sure all the values are assigned to parameters then use “Element.SetParameter” node to copy values.

Seems like all six are working, but four of them partially. This is probably because four of your lists have many empty strings (blank values) that are throwing up errors.

Randomly check the properties of the elements in your Revit file, I suspect you’ll find that Diameter/Height/System/Width parameter values have been assigned to some of them.

How I cope with those blank fields? i know that there is many empty fields because for example if shape is rectangular it has no value for diameter. I noticed that there was assigned some shapes to system field, whys that? Thank you very much for help! I appreciate a lot!


I suggest you just replace those blank fields with some kind of string below is an example how to cope and replace those blank fields. Good Luck!



Shapes to System field? As you haven’t implemented any lacing or attempted to consolidate/optimize nodes, I’d say it’s a wiring issue. Double check whether you’ve connected the wires correctly.


It was kinda wiring problem As Vikram said. Those two code blocks data were in different order before. Wires were right but that order was dominant feature.

Thanks for the help!

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