Map Parameters from binded IFCs to company Shared Parameters

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Would appreciate some guidence

In my workflow, I need to import multiple IFC files into Revit in order to use certain IFC parameter values to create annotations and filters on drawings.

What I do is import the IFC’s to a fresh template and bind them so that I have easy access to the parameters.

I need to find a way to map the binded IFC parameters from multiple imported IFCs to my companys shared parameters.

The imported models all have the exact same parameters name, I thought that if I schedule a parameter, for example: “Delivery(Elementliste)” I would only see 1 column of that parameter but I actually see 1 column per imported IFC. So I need to copy the value from each column to the shared parameter “KLH_Delivery”. In some cases, I would need to do this for thousands of values.

The imported and binded IFC models all come into Revit as Parts, the parameters of these parts are visible (first image). I can see the parameres inside of Dynamo using a Element.Parameters node. However, I can’t filter the parameters that I would like to map in the next step.

See the last image, the Element.GetParameterValieByName returns no results when trying to filer by “Delivery(Elementliste)”, i think this is the same for any of the IFC parameters that have been imported/binded.

Any ideas?

If both Ifc&company parameters are all text parameter(not number or integer), you can use below.
Unless, you have to modify a little.

Hi @Hyunu_Kim

Thanks for looking into this

I don’t see the values

Test with one element, not 1000. I see not all elements have value in your table screen shot.
my graph is for the case that set values from spread other parameters.