Copy multi-segment dimension from view to view

Further to this post, I’m using Spring Node’s ‘Document.CopyFromViewToView’ which works great. However, it doesn’t seem to work when the element is a multi-segment dimension. Only the first segment comes across.

Any ideas how to fix this? @john_pierson @Dimitar_Venkov I’m trying to avoid recreating the dimensions.

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If you do it manually does it work?

Correction - no manually copy/paste didn’t work

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This quick graph was able to fully copy the dimension from one view to the other. I did notice on my first few attempts that segments went missing and it was because of the view range and the reference elements the dimension was pulled from. Not positive about the node, but chances are it just strictly uses the standard CopyElements method. This would only not work if the reference wasn’t available or otherwise inaccessible in the view you are copying too.

I have to agree with Sean, this isn’t a dynamo problem but a revit one. Dimensions in Revit are extremely finicky. They’re based on references and the way Revit calculates references is very fragile. Note that in your copy view the view range is different (the windows are cut off). It’s very likely you referenced an element’s edge (like the floor below and not the wall) in the source view that simply isn’t visible in the destination view. That means that revit won’t be able to reconstruct the reference and thus the dimension will fail to be generated.

The easiest way (albeit most unintuitive…) to check what element you referenced in the original view is to select the dimension, right-click the appropriate padlock and pick “Show Related…”


Thanks guys. I don’t believe the issue is the view range. The view was duplicated and a new design option applied. To give you some background about what I was trying to achieve…

Revit does not allow dependant views to have different design options visible. So you, therefore, need to create multiple floor plan views to display the design options, which means that annotations are not in sync between views. This script was designed to copy all annotations from one view to another.

I’m not sure why, but the issue appears with to be with the dimension references. One of the dimensions was to a wall sweep, which although visible in both views with the same view range, didn’t copy across. Recreating dimensions hosted to wall faces did work. Good to know that this a Revit limitation and not an error with the Dynamo script/node.

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