Copy dimensions between different sections. Transform problem


Using Spring Node’s ‘Document.CopyFromViewToView’.
Trying to copy dimensions from one object to another copy. Successful without transform. References linked good. I can change copy, dimensions updates.
But need to copy with tranform for another section. Tried many times, different Coordinate systems, but no success.
Any advice? Thanks!
Sections_copy_dimensions.dyn (54.4 KB)
Sections_copy_dimensions.rvt (6.0 MB)

@Vladimir ,

i would not recomment coping dimensions between views. Because they always refer to elements!
so when you copy them they can appear, but they are refer to an element thats not cut in the view!

its better to copy a annotated view with details instead of put dimension to a other view.




@Draxl_Andreas , the trick i’m trying to do is to change elements Type later.
Making big catalogue, need to dimension about 3000 items. And can’t place diameter dimension in model by API. By the way, my method works for me, somehow. Deleted original object, dimensions are updating with new copy.

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Solved here. The elements can be not only dimensions.