Copy keynote value to another parameter

As the headline say’s.
Can i copy the keynote number, to another type parameter, using dynamo.


Yes, this is just a Parameter value. Use Element.GetParameterByName and Element.SetParameterByName nodes to do this.

I can’t get it to work, will you show me. :slight_smile:

Here is general way to do this. I just selected two random elements from a model for demo.

I can’t get it to work, why does my method not work??


Did you see the Element.Type node? The Keynote is a Family Type Parameter, not an Instance parameter. You have to get the Type first, then get the Value.


Arrhh Sorry.
Now it work. :slight_smile:


Hi, can this work the other way by copying a type parameter and pasting it in to the keynote field - If this matches the keynote .txt file will it pull the keynote value / text?