Copy family and parameter

I want to upload each family by copying the .rfa family file and modify each parameter value.
However, the parameters created in the family file are not imported. What should I do?

If you drag and drop the family, place it and click it, the parameter is entered in the properties window next to it.

In your first screen shot you created a variable by using T.
Use a string instead “T” if the parameter name is T

but don’t work
not loaded the parameters in dyanmo

Element.Parameters dont’t have the dimention parameters
like this


T is an instance parameter, not a Type. In order to see or set the value in the project environment you will have to create an instance first.

Are you looking to change the default value?

Have you tried to leave the dimensional parameters which are instance parameters, as family type parameters?

yes! then… how can i do to create an instance?

You need to get all instances of family type… like below.
Noting new instances wont adopt the value when created typically.

If you want all families types to have the same value, use a type parameter instead.

yes i wantto chanhe the default vlaue and save
and change family instance but empty…

I believe default instance values are set based on their value in the family when its loaded. Might need to open the family in background first, change its parameter value in that file and then load it. The Orchid package has nodes to do these steps.


I found that FamilyInstance.ByFamilyType only work for the element in active view.
Do you know any custom node or other method to get the instance parameter of family without placing it in revit?
Thanks a lot

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How would you access this in Revit using the standard user interface?

Yes the Clockwork package has nodes for collecting all families of category, which you can then get the types from. This wont require instances to be placed - I use this quite often.

Thanks a lot!

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