Can't get the revit family parameter

Component “Element.SetParameterByName” does not see the family parameter
Below on the screengrabs the family and its parameter that I’m aiming to tweak in dynamo.
Also I attached the family itself.
Thank you, hope it makes sense

Window_membrane.rfa (244 KB)

Looks like you’re trying to get type parameters from an instance. Remember those values can’t differ from instance to instance so unless your types vary by each value, consider making that an instance parameter. Post your full graph and a sample Revit file if you’re not sure what I mean by this.

Thank you for reply.
Here is the link to the files.
very appreciate your support

So the issue is exactly as I said - you’ve selected a family type (your panel type which was selected in the Family Types node), then gotten every family instance of that type (All Elements of Type node), and then tried to set a type parameter (which as the name implies is a part of the family type) on the family instances (which would need instance parameters).

If you want the panels to have variable openings, you need to change the parameter to an instance parameter. You can get info on how to do that here: Revit OpEd: Can't Change a Parameter from Type to Instance

If you want only one value for all panels, wire the Family Types node into the set parameter value node as the element.


Thank you Jacob !