Setting Default Instance Parameter Values

I have already created a script that can push a set of shared parameters to a family, all schedule data related things. My new problem is I need a way to set the default values on the instance parameters I pushed, almost all of them are instance parameters not type parameters. I have tried to use the Element.SetParameter.ByName node but this does not work unless you have a specific instance of that family selected in your project. This is not beneficial to me because I do not want to edit the instance parameters in a specific instance I want to set what those instance parameters default to in a family. Hope someone has ideas!!!

Are you running this in the family document?

Currently running it in the project itself, I can run it in the family document if need be.

That’s the only place where default values can be set. Even then, some values will remember the last placed instance instead.

@Nick_Boyts So, the method of “element.setParameterByName” will not work when used in a family document because there is no family instance placed, correct?

Does anyone know how to set the default value of an instance parameter using dynamo? I have the exact same problem as the original post. I have not seen many topics on this subject during a search. It would be very useful when trying to batch process a library of families.

I believe Orchid has some nodes for modifying family documents, otherwise you’d have to use the Revit API to get/set parameters within the family.