Copy data from one door to many door with same name

Hi guys
I try to Copy data from one door to many door with same name I have the data in one door and ,I grouped the doors with its name but I can’t get the right data and I can’t set it into the right door name

Thanks Sarah
Copy Data From One Door To Many Doors With same Type.dyn (29.8 KB)

can you explain more what are you trying to do

In This image I has the data of the door what i want to get it into the other door in the next 7 level

1-The level that i want to copy the parameters to it
2-the parameter that i want to fill
3-the family has the same name that was in the previous level at the first image

as i understood …
i have sort the values by name, as the names related to the level.
and after grouped them i have made a sequence to set tham as a value in the parameter.

thanks @khuzaimah.ElecEng but this is not what i was want i want to get the data from one door to but it into the grouped door

Are you just trying to duplicate your parameter values from 1 selected door to other doors with the exact same name?

sorry @Daan can you explain how i can do that in dynamo ??

I’ll take a look for you, it shouldnt be that difficult :slight_smile:

What parameters do you want to duplicate? Just the corresponding Level?
Because Revit has already a built in option to align objects to other levels.

@Daan The Parameters is 4 parameters but you can show to me how to make one of them and i will make the remaining 3 parameters and give the feedback

Okay let me set something up

@Daan you can make any parameters i just need the concept
we can work in comment parameter

okay! i am almost finished

This is the Script:

The red circle is the model element that is the reference object

Reference object for sarah 2020-06-14.dyn (28.0 KB)

Thanks @Daan for your efforts your solution is so helpful :heart:
but what i want to do not select the door i need dynamo to get the data from the other door :door: and added it to the others doors in the project

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I see, but how are you going to implement which door is the door from where the data should be coming from?

1-the parameter that i want to add to the others doors
2-the other doors

i try to filter the parameters and remove the empty parameter value

Oh I see, you just fill in every parameter on 1 door, and then want to use Dynamo to fill in each door with the only filled in parameter in the entire list. That is also quite easy doable. But at the moment i am really busy, so i cant look into it right now