Copying one parameter value in a project to

Hello.l have been searching for a solution for a simple task that I want to do that would save a user in my office a ton of tedious time. I would like to select a curtain wall Panel family (door), copy its instance parameters and paste to another curtain wall panel family (door). The reason is that we need to revise a configuration in several curtain walls in our project to move the door form one section of the curtain wall to another. Well as you know when you delete an element all the instance parameters used for scheduling go away and there isn’t an out of the box solution to keep this from happening.

I have seen this post ( but it is old, closed for replies and I am not sure that the topic solves my specific problem. My question is has someone ran into this before? Is there a solution script out there someone could point me too and share?

Thank you in advance.

Here is a thread that could help to get started: