Duplicated parameters

Hello. I have an issue with duplicated Revit Shared parameters. Do you have any idea how with dynamo I can get to second one? Like I have 2 “Level 1”. Dynamo gives me only the first one. How to get second one ?

Can you check the following:
Is this parameter -in the project parameters- been assigned to the category Mechanical Equipment, AND if you open the family you can see these parameters too? If so, You probably want to get rid of the one or the other.

I don’t think i understand the question unfortunately.
What do you mean by “Get” to the second line? Are you trying to fill some values ?

Hi m.shcheblykin,

the best, foolproof way would be to get get rid of parameter duplicates.
Its BIM good practice to have unique parameter names.
If you need similarly named param just use prefixes.


Yes. The work is done. But the issues after I binned 2 links. And I need to copy the data from full parameters to empty one. And than I will delete the garbage. So I need to get the second parameter under the same name.

This Script

solve the problem