How to export coordinates to excel

I have string from civil now how can I get coordinates at every 1m interval from that string in excel format
values ?

Any tips to write script ? I know dynamo very basic

First little step towards getting my Bridge done in Revit-dynamo workflow

Thanks in advance

Curve.PointAtSegmentLength would be a good place to start. Followed by a Point.X, Point.Y, and Point.Z node.

The Dynamo Primer is likely a better starting point. Skip no exercise, even if the outcome doesn’t seem valuable. It’s the methods which are important not the results.

Thanks for the reply, can you please give me some tip on object selection, how can I select the string as its coming from different software. is there any way to figure out based on what I want I can select the correct node or is it always trial and error method until I find the right node ?

Can you post an image showing where you have gotten?

so far I have given the path in which excel file to export coordinates. still not figured out how I will select the string line in dynamo from survey file which coordinates I need in the excel file.
I have got survey file linked in the Revit and know which strings coordinates I need.

To create strings you can type your text in the string node. Otherwise, if you prefer to use the code block, you will need to use the ".
The text inside the code block must be “Sheet1”

Thanks for correcting me.

Managed to get coordinates from cad string with below script, not the best way but ok for now.
I got x,y,z in one row, how can I get them in individual columns ?

Point.X, Point.Y, and Point.Z nodes.