Coordinate system placement to curve

Hello friends,

I have trouble with sweep model through a path by the following link;

As a key part, I have to add coordinate systems at the beginning and end of the curve. But my cs’ appear on different location despite their origins are exactly same with point locations.

Each help will be appreciated.!

test1.xlsx (9.4 KB)
AB.rfa (528 KB)
AK.rfa (528 KB)

20190302_test_v3.dyn (80.9 KB)

i just discovered that coordinate systems nodes does not work

It seems fine here?

Something to do with your Dynamo version/install perhaps? Or some left over nodes in your graph?

Hope that’s of interest,


I deleted dynamo revit and core, then reinstalled. It seems resolved, thank you mark

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Use Settings-Geometry Scaling - Select range of geometry you are working on.

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when i changed my scaling, problem on main script is solved . Thank you so much