Converting this to a bool or a mask

How to convert this to a bool or a mask so i can use “filterbyboolmask”.

Hello @Cesar_Tolentino …not 100, but do you mean something like this here…

The bool mask should be of type Boolean, so you must first express the rule or critiria of your filtering. Then it is possible to say what your mask should be.
At the moment I see a nested list of walls that apparently need to be filtered.

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Yes @tina.osia …so true thats why i use list contain for creating a mask…for the nested list just use a list flattern before feeding in i think :wink:

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You should be able to get whatever you want, with the same list structure, when you use the appropriate list levels.


To all, thank you for all the inputs…amazing group of people.

Unfortunately, i tried different approach and for some reason “set.difference” is the easiest to use, but not useful to my need. As you can see, the results are different if i use other means. Believe me this is because of my limited knowledge with dynamo…

The goal. Check all walls that are hosting windows, and know the wall type name. Then match those wall types the hosts doors. and that is those list… shown in the pic…

Here is as “sovitek” shown

Here is another attempt as Nick shown.

Make sure you’re using the correct lists with the correct inputs. It’s hard to piece it all together without seeing your full graph, but it looks like your list structure is different than my example. You may have to switch inputs or change list levels depending on what you want. You need to show your inputs and explain what they all represent and how you want to filter them.

Maybe this is what you want to see?

Hi @Cesar_Tolentino …you need some list level and crossproduct as @Nick_Boyts mention…try something here…