Converting Revit masses to NURBS surface for Grasshopper Honeybee simulations

Hi, I was able to follow this video ( and I was able to replicate the example.

I can’t do this for a massing with volume though. I could use the Select Face node but I will be making quite a complex model, I don’t want to select every face each time.

The Select Faces node on the other hand wasn’t working properly, I don’t know why… After selecting faces on revit, the dynamo node doesn’t update at all.


Make sure you hit finish after selecting all the faces. According to your screenshot you haven’t hit finish.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I have a new problem though, the ‘tonurbs surface’ node is creating new geometry (along the floor levels).

Try connecting surfaces to “PolySurface.ByJoinedSurface” node.

Hm… This time it won’t convert to a Nurbs Surface…

oh wait, looks like PolySurfaces.Surfaces did the trick.


One last question. (Not sure why this happened though).

Any idea why that happened? (it’s creating that extra geometry again :confused: ).

Sorry about that, I didn’t notice it was actually created in Dynamo (by PolySurfaces.Surfaces)