Convert Watertight Mesh to Solid

I am interested in converting a watertight mesh (Toolkit Mesh) to a solid. I have searched the forum and only found methods for converting topography-like meshes to solids using thickening in the downward direction. I guess what i am curious is is there is some method for enclosed (watertight) meshes like Mesh.Fill that essentially fills the void space in a watertight mesh to get a solid rather than a mesh.

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I’m not sure how either of those converts to a solid. Mesh.FaceVertices returns points, and the DirectShape node simply converts the Mesh to a Direct Shape element in Revit (but it is still a mesh if you dig into it’s geometry via RevitLookup).

I’m interested in getting a true solid so that I can get solid properties like volume (for weight calculation) and centroid (along with all the other capabilities of solids like intersect and difference)

Mesh.Triangles + Solid.ByJoinedSurfaces may give some results…



Duh…I feel like a newbie. Thanks @Yna_Db.


No merit, we just played somewhat with that recently :slight_smile:

Hey ! i am looking for the same type of project but it doesn’t work for me. I already write something on my profile about my problem, someone can check it please ?
Thank’s a lot for your help :slight_smile: