Convert multiple floors with holes to filled region

I’m using the springs node that can create a filled region with multiple loops however I did not found the list logic that make it work with multiple floors. list member 0 is processed only the rest disregarded.

Any help appreciated.

FloorToFill.dyn (42.1 KB)

@daninet ,

check out EF-Tools from Erik, he shortly made a video…



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Hi @daninet not sure could something here work

if you wanna split as in the video


or merge

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Yes, I have tried this. It was the first thing I did. But the very same thing you have shown just produces a single fill 4 times.

FloorToFill.dyn (35.4 KB)

does it work if you select as here ? seems in your image you select the same element 4 times, but not sure as i cant see in your image whats goin on… if you want you are welcome to share your sample rvt

I catched the error, I accidentally passed through type element, not instance. Weirdly it didnt throw error but created one fill only.

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