Filled Region Area to Room Data?

Hi All!

My goal is to pull the area data from a filled region and place it into a room/tag. I know this can be done with areas, but I was asked to make a variant for filled regions.
I’m hitting a bit of a wall here and I think its with my list organization, but I’m not sure. Hoping someone can give me a nudge.
I bootstrapped the code from this post to get me partway there:

But it falls apart at the point where it checks if the room contains the point. It should be working, I get one true value. I am working in a test project where there are only 3 rooms and 3 filled regions.
Here is a screen grab of the project:

Here is a screen grab of the script so far:

Here is a copy of the script:
Filled Region Info To Room TEST.dyn (32.7 KB)

I have more to add after this part starts working, but I want to get this squared away first.


You have no lacing or list levels so I’m guessing that’s your first problem. Try using list levels on Room.IsInsideRoom.

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Perfect! Thank you! Apologies for the delay, things got crazy with the holiday!