Floor Sketches with Multiple Boundaries

Are we still unable to create floors with multiple boundaries via the Revit API? I have recessed floors which will be other floor elements that are fully surrounded by other floors and it seems like this should be something we can do.


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Hi @Timon

It works for me. It would be better if you drop your files here. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks Kulkul, but if the floor has a hole in it. It doesn’t work. I’ll post the sample revit fileSplit Floor by Filled Region Sketch - does not work with multiple loops.dyn (8.3 KB)

Revit Sample File: Here

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@Kulkul Does your process create two floors? Have you tried making a donut shaped floor? So far my only solution is to create a floor, create an opening to make the hole and create another floor. My guess as stated in the original post is that although we can create a floor with concentric circles in Revit, the API hasn’t been opened for this, but I would love to be proven wrong.

@Timon There is a node from spring nodes package called “Springs.Floor.OpeningByCurves” to create holes for floors. Have a look at the below links.

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@Kulkul. seems like that’s the only way. I want to avoid the extra opening elements. In some cases using an opening is right, but I don’t actually think that the best way to model something in Revit. So I guess I’ll stick to the manual way in Revit for now. Doubt it will ever get resolved in the API. Thanks for the responses.

One way to solve this, is to split your floor boundaries into two non-overlapping loops. In the case of a torus, that would be two C-shapes. Then create two floors from those loops and join them together. Visually it will look like one floor, however editing it manually later on would be more challenging, because you’d have to edit each half individually. I think I saw this approach first from Brian Ringley.

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@Dimitar, Thanks. How does the API get updated? Added to? I imagine the older stuff, like floors by sketch are pieces of the Revit programming no one really wants to go back into to add the API functionality?

@Timon You can add your wishes to the developers of Revit on this page. If you get more than 50 votes your idea will get considered:


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Ok. Let’s make this happen VOTE HERE :slight_smile:


Hi Kulkul,
this topic since long time but i have a question, could i create new floors from an existing floor separate in small parts


That is definitely possible. Please start a new topic and post some of the work you have already done, and where you are having specific issues.

Dear Timon,
i create new topic [Create new floors from an existing floor ]
i need your help because i receive the file and i should find a solution.