Convert Area Boundary lines to regular model lines

My colleague and I have been trying with this for a while now and we’re not even close.
Any ideas ?

Hello, without knowing what you’ve done, I would first suggest the Room.Boundaries node from Clockwork to do this

Areas. Not rooms.
And I don’t have much to share. Start with selecting the lines - and then you hit a wall.

This node handles areas too…

Hello @byousif!

You only need three nodes for this:

That did it!! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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I can’t see the image in the link (blocked by security as it’s flash I think). Can you elaborate? I am trying to convert detail lines into area boundary lines . . .

You can create area boundries of a single area by using the Select Model Element node along with Clockwork’s AreaSeparator.FromCurve node.

That node does not work. It generates model lines that are NOT the same as Area Boundary lines.

Hi @byousif

Could you share screenshot of your complete graph with all the previews on? It will help others to see why it doesn’t work.

@byousif Connect your inputs like shown below. It should work for you:

Can you please show me this script at work? and the result? It’s not working for me…