Area boundaries incomplete

Hi, everybody!
I’m trying to get some area boundaries and I’m getting this:

Just Isolated lines.

I’m pretty sure that worked for me before in another project. Any ideas?

Hi @viktor_kuzev

Have you tried builtin node “Room.FinishBoundary”.

Hi @Kulkul
I just tried it:

Warning: No function called %get_FinishBoundary on a Revit.Elements.Element that takes __array could be found

That does not get affected by the changing the levels of the node. I’m not sure if that node works on areas at all.

Hi @viktor_kuzev ,
could you share a dummy file with a room or two ?

@viktor_kuzev Try this.


Hi @viktor_kuzev ,

In this case, maybe you can use the element.geometry node and work with the area geometry to get the room boundaries.

This is what I did for Room elements, I don’t know if it works with areas element.


I tried the one from Rhythm and it kinda works. Inside that node there’s the same python as in the Clockwork node, but with one small difference(or maybe I have an old Clockworks):

So that was the big problem.

I still get some open curves like this:

So I suppose the method extracts the actual area curves that define the areas, and not the boundary of each area (which is the thing I need)
I think Springs.LineLoop.Merge can help me with that, but I have to check in detail later:

@lkichenin I wish I could get the areas’ surfaces like that, but I’m afraid it doesn’t work.

Thank you guys!

I had a similar thread going… Area perimeter lengths from Area Boundry lines

I need the lengths of the boundary from areas and not the length of the curve that defines. I have not resolved it yet. I am hoping to though.

@viktor_kuzev Is it possible for you to drop here dummy rvt file with just 2 or 3 Areas which has got open curves. Its show time :slight_smile:

dummy file_fresh.rvt (348 KB)

First one is just a fresh new file I started to see the behavior of the method.
And here is a stripped and crippled version of the original file:


Edit: I think the result I got with Springs.LineLoop.Merge is correct. The place where there’s seemingly a not enclosed area might be an area that I filter out (I’ll check that later) But still the method retrieves the area curve and it could be longer than the actual side of the area.

@viktor_kuzev Alright. But if you want this can be done like this Merge all curves if the curves has open curves.


Thanks a lot for your help, mate!
For some reason get boundary curve for one room doesn’t work at all for me:

But I found my solution.
I checked that I have 70 areas and I get only 56 polycurves.(58 with Springs Merge).
So then I inspected what’s happening and I got really ashamed :smiley: I have had that same problem before and I have solved it before:

Areas with multiple curve loops.
So I filtered out the shorter curves:

Still, some of the curves were open, there were tiny pieces missing for some reason. Not so tiny, because still those were 300-400mm long pieces. But for that purpose I just used Close with line. And now I have 70 out of 70.
And just for information - I do this for keyplan creating automation.
Have a nice (rest of) weekend!

@viktor_kuzev Glad to know you solved it. I have marked your solution. Happy weekend to you as well :slight_smile: