Creating area boundaries in Revit from Dynamo

From other posts and the great packages created by others (Clockwork.Room.Boundaries) , I have been able to easily achieve the task of selecting a room in Revit, isolating the boundary and offsetting it a given dimension. However, I am wondering 1. Why didn’t the arc in the room boundary create a modelcurve in Revit? and 2. Is there any way to have the lines in Revit actually be A2015-01-06_1434

In reading other posts, I found the Clockwork.AreaSeparator.ByCurve …which I believe is exactly what I am looking for above. However, I haven’t been able to get it to work yet. It has three straight forward inputs…the Curves, SketchPlane and Area View. I have yet to figure out how to identify the SketchPlane. Anyone?



Thanks Andreas! Not only for answering my question, but for creating and sharing Clockwork, which had everything I needed to make this work! While I did get things working, I am wondering what node you used to define the vector as it is obscured by the data from the node above it.

You’re welcome. The “hidden” node is Vector.ZAxis which will give you a horizontal plane.

Hi Andreas, I’m trying to create Area Boundaries from Dynamo polycurves, and then create Areas from those Area Boundaries. For the first task, cerating area boundaries, I thought your process could be the solution, so I followed your instructions. However, I get back an error from the AreaSeparator.FromCurve node, I’m attaching a screenshot. Any ideas what the problem might be? Any possible solution?


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I think you’ll need to pass curves, not polycurves.

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Yes, that was it, so simple. I feel a bit ashamed not realizing that myself before. Thanks Andreas!