Create room boundary lines from a cad plan or 2d linework like detaillines

Hello Dynos,

Where is this topic disepeart? I would like convert Modellines to Roombounding lines, How?

Is there any topic in this way. I am glad about any advice.



Works for me. However, the picture isn’t legible due to it being from the old forum. But they key bit is the node in the Clockwork package I believe.

Ah but that is the link in the OP of this thread, which leads to a 404. Could that happen if someone were to edit the title of a thread, that the url will be different from the title, yet when it was converted to the new forum, the url is changed?

… it looks like a general link. I need just to convert lines (modellines, detail lines,) to a room-bounding-line … or need I API Python stuff to do that? KR Andreas

I believe the element you are trying to make are Room Separators, for which there is a node in the Clockwork package: RoomSeparator.FromCurve

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I think the node is called RoomSeparations from Curve
Take a look over here

So what you do is get the model lines, use element.geometry or element.locations to get the curves feed those in the RoomSeparatorFromCurve node, set a sketchplane (use the plane from the level) and a view (plan from that level)

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almost… I think the script is at this point not working. It works until CAD.CurvesFromCADLayers

My room separation lines node seems not working.
Appreciate if you could point out the missing part.
Thank you in advance.


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