Rhynamo help Needed/ baking dynamo into revit

Hello, I need your help ASAP. I have imported my rhino geometry through Rhynamo package, I can see some of it as lines in my Revit project ( i can’t see the meshes however) but I don’t know how to bake it/ export it to my revit project so I can work on it. I have tried the export to sat node but it didn’t work ( something wrong with the geometry) I have flattened the lists no luck.
I want to import it as lines/masses basically anything I can work with.

1- For the mesh, in Rhino, make sure the mesh is fully triangulated.
2- I do not think you can do SAT with mesh, your best luck would be DirectShape node to bake mesh in Revit.
3- Did all lines come in as intended?

FamilyInstance.ByGeometry should work for the surface, polysurface, or solids.

ModelCurve.ByCurve should work for curves.


It is worth mentioning (in case it is not clear) that Dynamo/Revit is different from Grasshopper/Rhino- there is no ‘bake’

Primitives such as points, surfaces, lines etc cannot exist in Revit (they can in Rhino)

In Dynamo, you have to create Revit objects (model elements, model lines, detail lines etc) from Dynamo geometry. For model elements, the easiest way is to use directshapes




Agree with the above, I’d say It’s also worth noting that if you bring geometry in to a project with Import Instance, you can’t edit geometry, add materials etc…

But if you bring it into a Family and load that into the Project, you can.


Hope that’s of interest,


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