Control UV pattern

Is there a way to change the way a divided surface maps. It defaults to work along the angles of the surfaces, but I am trying to find out if you can change this. I would like a normal UV pattern the way curtain systems work that is simple vertical and horizontal. We would like to explore shading devices that work with the surface changes in plan but keep a horizontal relationship at all times, and virtical relationship structurally. If the only method is to bring this into Revit and use the curtain systems we are fine with that, I am just trying explore all the potential use of Vasari for studies like this.

The alternative is not what you want to hear. I know this because I don't like to hear it. Basically, the way the divided surface works is based on how the mass was created to begin with. The same holds true in Revit when you place a Curtain System BY FACE. If you create a mass and drag edges, the divided surface/curtain system maintains equal spacing and numbers between the edges. If you create a mass and cut the negative space with a void to achieve literally the same look, then you will get orthogonal divisions (complete with border panels that are cut off). It sucks that there isn't a handy dandy checkbox that lets you pick between the two.

Tom's suggestion of manual intersects is new to me. I've seen it done, but it's a process (not unlike building the mass a new way)

I know that's not as helpful as you wanted it to be.

Brok, have you tried using manual Intersects?