Surface subdivision and manipulation

Hi there, I have a reasonable knowledge within Grasshopper and am quickly seeing the benefits of Revit and Dynamo. What I struggle with is the workflow.

I am attempting to create the Bishop Edward King Chapel solely in Revit (I have modelled buildings like Peter Zumthor’s St Benedict’s Chapel in Grasshopper in the past), I find it a great way to learn new tools. What would be the best way to model the outer brick work on this Chapel? Link -

Firstly I was wondering how you can reference a surface to subdivide in Dynamo (or reference the surface with a 1/2 step pattern applied to it already) and select alternate rows to manipulate further?

Is this a logical way to approach this textured surface in Dynamo?

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:


When I try to subdivide a referenced face it returns a Null value, is this just a limitation of Dynamo being in development or in your opinion because I am approaching this the wrong way? Run automatically has been ticked.


Not that you shouldn’t use it to learn from but I don’t think you need Dynamo to create that effect.

If those blocks are rotated relative to the underlying curve you could do this using a Curtain Panel.

If the blocks needed to rotate relative to some outside condition/point (solar angles perhaps), or if a Curtain Wall won’t work, you could use Pattern Based Curtain Panels, Adaptive Components, and Divided Surfaces. Check out Zack’s earlier work on his blog ( for more on this.

Look like divided surface node is not working for you in 0.7.0. have you tried the same in 0.6.3? the divided surface can create half-step brick patterns natively.