Consider Superelevation in Bridge Design

I’d like to consider superelevation when creating curved bride modeling, but it is so difficult to do that.
The first approach is using BIM4Struc Package.

Created Mass profile and then export to the adaptive component family.
Everything is OK, but the value is not applied to each section.

I can see the value in Dynamo, but the value is not applied in Revit. Please, any comment.


Below image is superelevation view in the bridge section.


Adaptive_Girder_v3.rfa (1.4 MB)

Civil Report.xlsx (178.1 KB)
03_Place_Bridge_Mass_Fill.dyn (42.2 KB)


you can see topic :

Did you solve or create a Dynamo workflow for this?

Yes, I did.
Refer to below link which I uploaded.

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Hi, could you post the solution here? I have the same problem, I see different values for slope for each section, but the sections created all have the same slope calculated for the first section only.
As you can see in the Revit screenshot, the slope should change, but all the sections have the same slope - 2.4% (I selected the last section), as only the first one should have.

can you see the Autodesk presentation