Concept to Competition

Sharing my Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition entry where I have experimented with Dynamo.

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Dynamo: Inside-Out

Dynamo has been used to create the entire design mass, based on which building components were created with Revit

Dynamo even created the floor layout based on outlined rules in the code. Floor plans were not created manually.

I haven’t yet explored the further optimization/development of the design using solar/structural/wind data.

Eager to explore further possibilities, provided I have the patience and energy.

Not sure if what I’ve managed is actually unique and exciting, but I sure am excited.



Vikram Subbaiah

Here is the link that should work properly.

The dynamo file that generated the design is available here.



Vikram Subbaiah



Saw the winning entry to the Helsinki Competition, reminded me of you submission…similar approach with

the multiple pavilions.

Again…nice work.











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Thanks Tim. I really appreciate the fact that you actually took the trouble to study and properly understand the design. Your comment drawing parallels to the winning entry, sure does encourage me to continue exploring and experimenting.

I don’t think I’ve managed to effectively communicate the fact that this competition entry was generated with code. It wasn’t an exercise in creating/modeling geometry. It was a successful attempt at design intent finding expression in lines of code and finally taking physical form and I know I’m just scratching the surface.

Dynamo, sure is a unique design tool with enormous potential.

have you done some automation for solar plant layout