Complex mass done in Revit, easier with Dynamo?

I have done a few projects in Revit, some that have taken me a long time to do, and im looking back at some of these to see if there is an easier and more efficient way to achieve the same result, using Dynamo.

Also im not an expert using Revit so there might be a better way of doing this with Revit , i welcome those tips too.

Using Revit, I was able to do this project, using host conceptual masses, base masses , divided surfaces and adaptive components. However, to achieve this result required alot of cutting, void cutting, combinations of masses etc. and if i wanted to tweak it a lil bit, i would have to go back all the way the base mass and change it there, but because it was a combination of masses, sometimes the changes were very difficult to make.

The circled part of the project, was created using a rectangular mass and then void cutting it with other masses. How ever, to achive the shape desired, the curved wall at the entrance and the curved cut wall, i had to use two different masses that were a result of the original mass.

How can Dynamo make this process a lil easier and also give me multiple design options ?

Short answer. Yes. :grin:


With some thought. A simple glance at the gallery will start to show work that others have done that mimics this same geometry that you have created. There is a lot more to it than “how” though. This involves:

  1. Generating the idea

  2. Building the framework

  3. Making it parametric.

With some effort and though, I am very confident that Dynamo can not only build the geometry you indicated, but generate several iterations.

Here are a few images of some work in the gallery that others have created right on the gallery.


Extrude-20160806-2.dyn (10.3 KB)


thanks man, im gonna give it try!!!

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