Comparing What's been added to a Project

Looking for any advice on this topic. My company has a standard template we use for all of our projects. When we audit our files, we want to look at families, assemblies, views, etc. to make sure the project is following our standards.

What I’d like to do in Dynamo is filter the data based on what’s in the template to begin with and what’s been added to the project by the outside team. That way it cuts down on the amount of data we have to comb through. Has anyone done something like this?

Have a look at the awesome Data-Shapes package and @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi’s “ModificationTracker” nodes :slight_smile:

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I have the newest Data - Shapes package, but not those nodes. Is there a certain version I need?

Hello @frank.v.smith, the version I have is 2019.2.42 :slight_smile:


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