Revit -> Dynamo -> Excel = Model Health Check

Last week at Gensler’s LA office I hosted and presented for the DARUG Meetup and presented my Model Health Check Dynamo File and how we are using it to extract properties from the Revit model, using Excel to collect and review the data. This data is used to inform the design team why best practices are needed and should be followed. I wanted to share some of the files so I figured this was a good place to do so. Any questions just let me know.

Dynamo API Revit Users Group Meetup info:

This collects all of the groups in the project and identifies certain parameters, creates an excel file. The excel template has a pivot table that sorts the data.


This collects text instances in the model and exports to excel. I’ve added a vlookup and countifs within dynamo to help sort the data in excel. The excel template has a conditional format to fill in the color column.


This finds Inplace Families and Generic Models


This one finds unused view templates (not 3D) and unused view filters

Here are the files:
Groups.dyn (43.2 KB)
Inplace and Generic.dyn (53.0 KB)
Unused.dyn (31.9 KB)
Unused.xlsx (9.1 KB)
Text.dyn (77.7 KB)
Groups.xlsx (14.6 KB)
Text.xlsx (10.8 KB)
InplaceGeneric.xlsx (15.0 KB)


Thank you for sharing. This is a useful collection of tools for BIM model management and QA/QC!


Ooooh exporting the created by… I’m totally nabbing that later.

Really good stuff. Thanks and kudos @Jason_Trahan.

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Thanks for sharing @Jason_Trahan

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Brilliant! thanks for the share!!!

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Thank you so much for your sharing. I wonder how to learn the old topic in Dynamo & API Revit Users Group - SoCal.

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Thanks for sharing.


please don’t jump into old topics asking for new issues. please start a new post and refer to this post if needed!

I know that this topic was started almost a year ago, but I was wondering if anyone ever was able to take your script and expand upon it and list the views the text or whatever is in. I really like the script and it will for sure help me with my QA checks in my office. I really need to list the text locations out especially for legends since Revit doesn’t do that itself

One thought: If you have the element id (ie: Column E) you can use select by id (manage tab) to find the item in question.

Yeah, that sort of works. I guess this is more in just how Revit works since you can’t tell Revit to open up a Legend based on the texts ID or by just having the the text selected.

Thank you @Jason_Trahan :slightly_smiling_face:

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