Comparing lists in 1.3.3 vs 2.0


I have searched and tested and can not figure this one out. I am hoping one of you will know the answer.

I have a working graph in 1.3.3. When upgraded to 2.0 it is broken (surprise).

One of the issues I am having is how List.ContainsItem is handling the comparison of two lists. The upper image is how it looks in 1.3.3 and the lower image is how it looks in 2.0.

Any thoughts on why the first List.ContainsItem is not showing the nested true/false lists in the 2.0 version? Without the nested list results, it simply doesnt work.



Hi there @rdeardorff. I asked myself the same question some time ago with the exact same node. It seems that you have to tell the node the item @lvl in order to work as in 1.3.3.

You have the link with the discussion, I hope it helps.

You might have to change your lacing. From what I’ve heard Auto doesn’t quite work like the “smart” auto-lacing in 1.x.

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@rdeardorff Seems like CrossProduct should work

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I would guess list levels with longest would work as well, right?

That did the trick. TY.

Also, thank everyone else for the help.

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