How to compare two lists level 2?

I want to compare 2 lists and result like this, but i just want they compare 0_list with 0_list, 1_list with 1_list …etc.

Can you help me?
Thanks in advance.

play around with lacing and levels and vola.

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Thanks for your help,
I do follow you but the result isn’t true like you. Could you please tell me the problem?

Put the first list.containsitem into vector mod :slight_smile:

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Just match up list level 2 between each list.

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Hey guys, i have a problem with dynamo 1.3 and dynamo 2.0.3. I use list.containsitem with dynamo 1.3 and dynamo 2.0.3 auto change to list.contains and the result is different, can you explain for me? I want the result likes in dynamo 1.3


Hi, try to put the node in cross product mode and see

It’s a solution from this topic :

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Thanks for your help. I fixed my problem.

How ?

I just set List.Contains like this, but for the list level 2 it doesn’t work as i want.

The node List.Contains at right top isn’t in “short” but in auto.
Try to change that or try to put the node in CrossProduct mode.

I do similarly with list level 2, the value is 20 but it doesn’t separate to 2 small lists like ver 1.3. When i set lacing to crossproduct mode, the value isn’t as i want. Do you have any idea to fix it.

What do you want to see at the end ?

I want the result like this, they separated to 2 lists

Right, so, that the case you need to solve if i’m true.

In the node at right top, you get the @L1 of the Item you input to the node.

My english is limited but simply, you input just one list in a list in inch node so the @L1 work for that.
If you input 2 list in one, the @L1 can’t work you need to get the @L2.
I think, if you just put the list level to 2 at the right top node, it can work.

If it’s doesn’t work, sand your dynamo, i’ll try to see at it.

I tried but i doesn’t work. I want it didive like this

List.contains.dyn (6.7 KB)

Solved it

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Thanks a lot,
I think the second way will be work well.

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