List Contain or == don't work

Hi, I don’t understand because this nodes are not working.
List contain and == see only last item.

Where am I doing wrong?

Hi @Mayo,

This is because of your list lacing, the nodes are now checking the first item of each list against the other first item of the other list. See this link for a great explanation.

If you set the node to cross-lacing and then the anytrue node from the clockwork package you get your desired result.

I try every lacing setting, cross product too but this produce many list and many item. I would a list with the same item of the list input… 101 in my example.

Hi @Mayo

I would like to ask, what is your desired output and are you fixated in those nodes == and List.Contains?


@Mayo Is this what you’re trying to achieve?

equalsContains.dyn (9.2 KB)

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Please Try this out



here is another way: list_search.dyn (7.1 KB)

works like this:

Run them cross product and the use a List.AnyTrue and it will drop it back down to the length you want.


So simply!!! Thank you very much. Now I can use this with Filter.ByBooleanMask!

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I must ponder this solution… Seem very large solution for some apparently simple.