Scripts doesn't work! from RVT 17 to 18. // from dyn 1.3 to 2.0

Dear folks.
During the last week I´ve changed to Revit 2018 and also to Dynamo 2.0 and tryed to use the same routines that I needed for my work.

Unfortunatelly it doesn´t work at all to update or create a new list of Worksets. (Image Attached).
Tried the same routine in Dynamo 1.3 (with RVT 2017) and there´s no problem at all.

Any comment to solve this quickly?


They were changes in Dynamo 2.0 about list and lacing, I guess it is related with your problem.

I think you could just flatten your list and it should work. Don´t really get why your list have so many levels.