Compare Shared Parameters used in family & with SP text file

Hi all, first post over here. I have previous experience of VBA programming with Microstation but none with Dynamo or Python though its something I intend to look into in the near future.

I have some families which also contain shared nested families and what I want to do is ensure that all of the shared parameters used in the families (parent and children) are those which exist in my shared parameters text file. If they don’t, I’d like to review what SP’s are missing with the choice to add them to the SP file.

I imagine that after retrieving a list of SP’s that a comparison would need to be done with the SP text file, firstly against the name and then its GUID. Would the existing content of the SP file need to be loaded into a 2d array or are there more suitable methods for this kind of operation?

I’m hoping someone can give me some direction how I can achieve my goal.



This can get you halfway

Hi Marcel,

I actually read that topic prior to posting my own. I managed to recreate the graph shown in the image and it worked fine. What I don’t know is how to combine the lists so that each row is concatenated for export to excel.


well you dont have to.

use the node List.Create and Transpose on your list.


Ah very nice. I’ve managed to export the Shared Parameter name and GUID to excel and I can perform the comparison there.

Thanks for your help!