Combining schedules

Hello community,

i may be trying to do something impossible here and hope to be wrong!

i`ve got two schedules for area calculation: a room schedule and an area schedule. The room schedule contains the room areas, the area schedule contains the gross floor area GFA. In order to find the structure building area, i would like to calculate GFA “minus” net building area (which means information from the area schedule “minus” information from the room schedule). What i acually want to do is find a way of integrating the information from the area schedule in the room schedule so that I can apply a formula for the calculation. Is there any chance it would be possible? This time i dont even know how to begin!

Thank you!!

Hi @bialmeida

You can get the room and area Schedules data by using custom node Schedule.GetData from bimorph package.

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another way could be:

A) Create a Shared Parameter for Room Category that you call Rooms Gross and add it to Room Schedule
B) Use SetParameterValue in Dynamo to copy datas from Area Gross to Rooms Gross
C) Create a Formula Parameter in your Schedule (Rooms Gross - Rooms Net) that is giving you the information you were looking for

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Hello All, this is my first post. As a follow up to this idea, is there a way to copy values from one area schedule to another - I have two separate net area and gross area schedules (based on area schemes) and would like them to show up together in the same schedule.