Combing network drive must be in quicksand (its slow)

I am combing a network drive for our projects (440 folders). I am looking for two sub-folders in the project folder. Typical structure is N:\xxxxxxx\BIM\central and N:\xxxxxxx\BIM\links. Where xxxxxxx is the project number. My graph works great, its find the file attributes I’m looking for to send out to excel for summarizing.

Unfortunately this s very slow, like 15 to 20 minutes slow. I’ve thought about just do this in excel vba but getting the Revit file version is easier in Dynamo (for me). I know a directory search should not take that long.

Currently I’m using BattleBIM and DanEDU nodes for my directory readings.

Can I get an quick audit on my graph to check for any time savers?

Thank you.

Current Link and Central Model Status.dyn (44.1 KB)

@tlivingston Where are your custom nodes? C: ? or network?

Updating your DanEDU nodes to the zero touch nodes of Orchid which have replaced danedu will save some time :slight_smile:

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I cant say excactly why it is slow, but If you want to reduce number of nodes, then the battlebim directory node is not needed. You can make a deepsearch with the orchid directory.contentsall node and filter on that instead of filtering before. In the graph have I replaced the old DanEDU nodes with Orchid nodes.
I dont have Battlebim installed, thats why these nodes are red.

Current Link and Central Model Status.dyn (49.0 KB)

Very embarrassed to say that I can not get the github approach to work.

This is my first stab at using nodes not published in a package.
And thank you for responding.

did you do something like this?

You should not do anything else than delete the old content in the orchid folder and replace (copy) it with the new you have downloaded from github. You dont need to add or edit your paths.

Remember that if you cut/paste on a network drive permissions are not inherited, you should copy/paste :slight_smile:

If you cut/paste between different drives the permissions will be inherited from the “paste” location

Otherwise this might cause you some headaches.

Thank you for the tips. I was unaware of that process. Good to know. As far as the Dynamo code, I have been able to work out my issues. I was simply recursing too far down in the folders. Its back to 1 minute now. :grinning:

Thanks again for the help.