Combine two schedule in one (ducts and duct fittings)

Hello this is my first time.I am begginer. My topic is about combine two value (ducts) and (duct fittings) in one schedule. I need to know how many material use in air conditioning system. right now i use two schedules but i think with dynamo could have to do it in one. Somebody could help me. Any idea? thanks

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I have two schedule ducts and fittings and i need to combine that´s two values in one (Ducto/ F:V m2)

What do you mean with combine? Adding, multiplicating, joining strings…

Are you wanting your combined schedule to be in Revit or Excel? Excel is really easy. You just get your elements, parameters, and values and push them all into the same spreadsheet. Revit is a little trickier and I’d suggest you try to plan out how to do it with a Revit schedule first, before trying to automate it with Dynamo.

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In revit, because then in want to put that information in plan sheets. Revit just calculate ducts and fittings in different schedule and i will try to do in one.

You’ll have to see if it’s possible first. If it can’t be done in Revit it likely can’t be done with Dynamo.

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I think, you can use Multi Categories schedule for it. After that, you can add some parameter in Multi schedule by Dynamo. You will have something you want
Our company, use Multi Categories schedule for quantity take-off in Revit with Piping System and Mechenical System.
Hope be useful for you