Combine Parameters Values

Hello all,

I am very new in dynamo, but I may I ask for help to find a solution for my task.

I need to combine different parameters values in one parameter:

I made my dynamo part, but unfortunately, I am lost and nothing is working. I would appreciate any help.

Hi @rasa.zukauskaite

can you share your dynamo file? i want to edit it. :slight_smile:


Yes, of course. Thank a lot!

Combined Values.dyn (21.7 KB)

Try this, sorry for earlier Combined Values.dyn (18.9 KB)

also, I have a follow up question, in what position do you want to enter sequence number?

The latest dyn. file worked! Thank you so much :)))

May I ask if you could explain to me about “Python Script” you added and why it works in this case?

you can try this also without the python code Combined Values.dyn (25.8 KB)

when you double click the python code, you will see the script I made. I just converted your integer value to string (YEU_Level).

this does not work.
I get this:

and the values looks like this:

what code? the one with python?

no, without the phyton.

I am looking now into your phyton code, trying to understand. I future, I would like to adjust it, because sometimes I need to add more values, or less.

I added a customized python script that converts anything to string. I think the last script is easy to understand.

no problem, I appreciate your help.

The last node does not work…

this should work Combined Values.dyn (26.2 KB)

I am sorry to bother, but the latest code doesn’t work. It simply doesn’t connect parameters values in one.

But if we come back to your difficult phyton script, what If I would like to add another parameters like YEU_Sequence Number", what should I write in script?


Combined Values_Rasa.dyn (22.2 KB)

sorry, I think this is working

Combined Values_Rasa.dyn (22.2 KB)

yes thats correct but make it str(a), str(b), str(c )… etc, just to be safe with future values. sorry im just using a sandbox of dynamo, im running it inside a train XD

is it like this?

What does it means,to be safe ? does this str(a)… like lock the value or something?

no need to apologise, I am very grateful for your help! :sunflower:

Include the “a” variable too make it str(a). What I mean to be safe is if you put an integer value anywhere (IN[0], N[1], etc) at the combined strings, it will convert them to strings.

OK. Thanks for assistance and have a great day!

Imo it should be ‘easy’ to do this without Python.
Is it possible you upload the project to?