Create single list from nested lists (combine?)

Good Morning everyone, I am new to dynamo and have been doing my best to learn the concepts of manipulating lists by watching some videos on linkedin learning. They have helped a ton but I am a total newb still.

With that said I have an excel sheet with 4 rows. I got as far as bringing that information in to Dynamo as a nested list. I could even break out each list by index to have 4 separate lists and transpose the info.

The challenge I am having is being able to combine the information in each row to create a final “flattened” list to create a set of view in revit or workets.

I know I am missing a few nodes in between and I would appreciate some help please.
PS. In excel some columns do not have information and come in as null in Dynamo…


Made some progress guys,
I am almost where I need to be, however I am would like to add “_” between the lists when they are concatenated.

Thank you in advance.

I used String.Combine instead and it all worked the way I wanted. Just need to work on extracting the index 0 from the final list.

Hope this helps someone.

in a code block type:
use square brackets

Will that get rid of Index 0 ? what where would I plug that node?

Hi there Marcel,
So I am getting it to work this way, but I need to always know there is 19 items in my list. If the list grows then I get an out of range error. Is there a syntax that will just filter out Index 0 and allow all over index to pass through?


oh you want to get rid of index 0 in a list, sorry i did not get that
use drop first item, or drop item node