Colourising Non-compliant Walls with Non-standard Vectors

3 walls from 8 walls over 2 structures do not have expected or compliant wall orientations / vectors.

I have isolated which walls are non-compliant and now wish to colourise the 3 walls ‘red’ which fail, but l always struggle with lists. Any help, much appreciated.

Have a look at your list issue with boolmask here:

I never know what @L2 etc. means?

You should give this a read to understand list levels:


Do you wish to do it on Dynamo or in Revit ? I only know how to do it in Dynamo ^^’

Dynamo :

  • In the node List.FilterByBoolMask, plug the list of walls (All Elements of Category) in the list input.
  • Add Element.Geometry node, and plug the walls in it.
  • Add GeometryColor.ByGeometryColor node, plug the geometry of the walls and a CodeBlock saying Color.ByARGB(255,255,0,0).
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For doing it in the active view in Revit you can use the OOTB node:

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Then I’ll not reply if it means nothing to you. Sorry for wasting your time.

Please read the forum guidelines :

For the record, people are only trying to help you here…

What am l missing here? I am getting closer, thanks to all of your inputs and mine.


use levels @L2 so you dont have to use flatten and list create nodes

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You’re missing this. You are plugging a function (, not a color…

I have the list of affected elements, yet the Element.OverrideColorInView node is not accepting the input.

Can anyone expand on why this is the case?


I don’t know if you’re ignoring my posts …

and mine

And mine

I am not ignoring any, but l do not profess to be as good as you guys, but l am trying.


Try and read what a RGB is on Google

Next look at what gives you

Don’t take it personally…

You would have figured this out yourself if you read my initial post.
Try viewing every node preview and every error you get instead of just rushing to us.

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colour is done, but it is not that it appears not be be accepting the list as an element input