Colourising Non-compliant Walls with Non-standard Vectors

From the latest image, you’re feeding the Element.OverrideColorInView a list with true and false items. Use the configuration you had before, this post Colourising Non-compliant Walls with Non-standard Vectors

You may need to set the node to look at the second level of the list, using the @L2 setting:


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But that is what I’m telling you it is not… You’re passing the “red” component of a RGB color… That is the integer 255 (which you would know if you read about RGB colors). That is not in itself a color…

The output as illustrated by @mellouze (twice now) from the “Color Red” node from Clockwork (or codeblock) gives you a color.


It is colouring the wrong element. The filter bool mask l need to sort out now.

Many thanks ALL.

For the record we’re not trying to be rude or anything of the sorts, but we’re trying to give you a piece of the puzzle and a hint and try to let you discover the solution yourself, that way you’ll learn a lot more than us giving a complete graph that works and you do not understand. For at some point it will no longer work and you do not know how to fix it if you do not know and understand the logic behind.
Don’t worry we all started somewhere and you are embarking on a long and interesting journey with Dynamo.

That said please do be polite and ask for a clarification if there is something you do not understand etc. the people on the forum are doing it voluntarily and are solely trying to help you learn.

And also, if you do not get an answer on your post please do not just copy/paste the same question into other posts that is not how this forum works.

Just my two cents.


I know that the highlighted is the point at which the wrong wall or walls are being colour because it is applying a new Index value, rather than retain the Index of the affected elements.

Now it is either something to do with Map or most likely something obvious :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Have a look below and see if it makes sense to you… I assume you’re having 4 walls and you want the one with “null” rotation… At least that’s what I’m reading from your screenshot.


Other than l am not very experienced and usually over think and complicate matters, with something like this. Too many nodes near the end were not do the correct thing.

You have brought the list of elements into the boolmask, then queried them against items which have or have not complied with the criteria, then colourised accordingly.

Many thanks for your patience, input, guidance and kick up the ass!

Many thanks to all.

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