Colour override by Color.ByARGB node

Hello all,
I’m trying to give different colours to ceiling elements by graphics override (by element) based on the offset value from the reference level. For assigning different colours I’m using Color.ByARGB node(somebody helped me to do this). And the program works. Now the problem is the difference between two colours is not easily distinguishable. In fact there are only 4 or 5 colours in total. How can we make it in easily distinguishable, for example if one colour is green other one red another one yellow

2 etc…

You can use this

Thanks Daniel, I tried it but the results are not proper. I’m getting different colours for the elements having same offset value from reference level.

Then i’l going to guess you grouping is not working properlly. Can you share your dyn?

Just figured the problem. There were few elements which had taken the wrong reference levels ie the element in 2nd floor had level 3 as the reference with negative offset value and the elements in 4th level had level 3 as reference level. So the range was big and hence the elements which were actually in the 3rd floor with proper reference level had minimal difference in values when we remap to range. Almost everything was in the range of 0.75 to 0.8. That’s the reason I was getting almost similar colours. Now when the reference levels are corrected with the same script i’m getting elements in proper colour. Thank you for the support.